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    When you are searching for positive solutions to life’s challenges

  • Let us help you or a loved one

    We offer comprehensive counseling services for adults, adolescents, and children 3 years and up

    Help for adults:

    We offer individual, couple, family, or group treatment for:


    Relationship Problems/Divorce
    Parent/Child Conflict
    Life Changes/Transitions
    Trauma/Sexual Abuse
    Health Challenges/Eating Disorders

    Help for children and teens:

    We offer specialized treatment for children and adolescents experiencing:



    Oppositional/Defiant Behaviors
    Teen Issues
    Family Problems
    School Issues/Peer Conflict

    Divorced/Separated Parents
    Trauma/Sexual Abuse

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    713 W Grand Ave.

    Dayton, OH 45406





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  • Positive Solutions Counseling Center

    Established in 1997 to provide quality, affordable counseling services by
    caring, skilled Licensed Psychotherapists

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    Frances Duncan


    I have 33 years of clinical experience working with children, teens, families, and adults facing various life challenges.



    I have extensive training and expertise in the treatment of trauma, including sexual abuse. I am trained in play therapy, and treat children as young as age 3. I treat children/teens with special needs, divorced/separated parents, school/family issues, as well as working with adults/couples experiencing life changes.

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    Chris Hotz-Steward


    I have over 20 years experience I have worked with all ages from 7 to 90+ years old. I currently work with young adults or adults 14 years to 99+ years old.


    I have experience and training in Motivational Interviewing, DBT,Trauma Based Treatment and EMDR. I can stay present focused so that real learning, reevaluation and change takes place both in and after session. I look at past events to help look at current triggers. Strengths determine techniques.

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